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Welcome to dataSpheric.

Annoucing cryptoSpheric bitcoin crowd funding plugin for Wordpress.

On March 5th we'll be launching the first bitcoin crowd funding plugin for Wordpress software at the Texas Bitcoin Conference! We call it cryptoSpheric. We're very exited to help bring bitcoin to bloggers world wide.

Now offering Bitcoin business solutions!

Bitcoin is happening. It's not just a currency, it's a community, a new market segment and a major trend for 2014. Getting involved in Bitcoin now provides your business with new access and opportunities world wide.

Take advantage of the Bitcoin movement for your business:

  • Bitcoin consulting and training workshops.
  • Set up your encrypted systems and Bitcoin merchant accounts.
  • Accept bitcoin payments on your website or over the counter.
  • Network with global Bitcoin resources.
  • Bitcion investments and hedges.

Located in sunny Arizona, dataSpheric is a shop that's done it all including:

Please have a look at each page in this newly condensed site to understand what we do then Get in touch to start making your idea a reality today. 602-903-2050